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The course aims to provide knowledge and understanding of the methodology for choosing among the possible and rival public projects and programs. It focuses on multipurpose governmental decisions and policy processes. We review the classical fiscal and accounting methods for evaluation of public programs considering their advantages and understanding their place and role in the policy process. We learn the theoretical backgrounds of the Cost-Benefits Analysis (CBA) of public policies as a special economic method of evaluation. We deal with its special terms and considerations in details. In this process we try to develop the competences of students to apply this methodology.

Readings required:

- A.E. Boardman - D.H. Greenberg - A.R. Vining - D.L. Weimer: Cost-Benefits Analysis: Concepts and practice, Prentice Hall, Inc., 1996.

Readings recommended:

- John Cullis and Philip Jones, Public Finance and Public Choice (Third Edition) 2009, Oxford University Press

Syllabus of the course


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