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This course will provide an overview of the field of behavioral decision making and decision analytic perspectives as well. It addresses both the theoretical and practical processes and skills of decision making from individual to organizational and social levels. The course starts with a short historical introduction, which helps in understanding the field of decision theory, followed by a primarily problem-centered approach to the subject, with a number of case studies, role playing and self assessment tests and different applications. It examines issues in personal decision making, looking at how we can describe the process involved in forming judgments, planning actions and evaluating consequences, what happens in social decision making when people have conflicting objectives, how risk is managed. Techniques for aiding decision making are explored and ways as they might be embedded in the decision making processes are investigated.

Readings required:

- Harvard Business Review on Decision Making, Harvard Business Review Paperback, 2001

Readings recommended:

- Harvard Business School Press: Making Smart Decisions. RDM The Result Driven Manager, 2006

- Harvard Business Review on Making Smarter Decisions, Harvard Business School Press, 2007

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