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Scribe 21 Double Degree Program


What is this double degree about?

The Faculty of Economics of the Corvinus University of Budapest has succesfully participated in the European Commission's EACEA 44/2012 call and won the project entitled: Creating Sustainable Innovative Competitive Advantages in International Business for EU-Austalasia C 21st. This cluster aims at creating new partnerships between European (French, Hungarian, Italian) and Australian universities.

Students will complete their first year in their university of origin and their second year abroad, in Australia for the Europeans and vice-versa. European and Australian students will respectively benefit from a specialisation in management and business from an Australasian and European perspective.

All students selected as part of the consortium will be awarded a master's degree by their university of origin and the partner university at the end of their course. The programme begins in January 2014 and will ultimately be open to up to 80 students from the five universities.

Master students can now be trained in major international management issues as part of an integrated and mobile multidisciplinary course between the partner universities. They will acquire, via specialisations, knowledge of international management rooted in diversified cultural and economic contexts. They will get theoretical and practical training in intercultural management and will complete a work placement of at least three months in Europe or Australia.

 Emphasis will be placed on several economic sectors, with a specialisation relating to the strengths of each region where partner universities are located (wine, food, hospitality, business, economics, mining resources). The programme also plans to focus on entrepreneurship, diversity and ethics within an international context and to integrate sustainable development issues.

To avoid additional costs for the students, enrolment fees will be payable to their university of origin only.

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This new Double Degree Programme between European and Australian higher education institutions provides an excellent opportunity both for students and members of the academia to exchange knowledge and build linkages between the two continents. Furthermore, not only would students gain advanced knowledge in sustainable business practices, but by studying on different continents they would gain firsthand experience on how business is being conducted in different parts of the world.” Zsolt Rostoványi, Rector of the Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary

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